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 Lingerie has never before been so popular.  Fashion experts all agree that this popularity is mostly due to society changing their views on sexuality.  What we see in the media is sexy, seductive, alluring for all viewers and now, we want to take what we see Ďout thereí, and place it in our bedrooms to enjoy.

Views of women have changed in the years.  With new ad campaigns encouraging women to feel good about their bodies, retail has to keep up with the trend and that includes plus-size lingerie.  Plus-size has always been a term used, but in the past, it was associated with unflattering fashion. Nowadays, 5 11 lingerie stores have gone into a whole new level in terms of plus size.  It feels good to have a  full figure!  Itís sexy, naughty and with the right assemble, absolutely beautiful.  We love the new way of thinking, of selling and of buying!

5 5 Lingerie products now come with wonderful enhancers.  Enhance your shape, your cleavage, your behind,  and your waist all while feeling good, looking sexy and being comfortable.  Even sheer lingerie has managed to create the allure of sexy curves yet adding mystery to the full figured body.

Women are excited about this new world of plus size.  Itís not an embarrassment, itís a revolution!  Full figure strapless bras, see through lingerie, leather lingerie, bridal lingerie, exotic lingerie, all of it has stepped up itís game and began to compete for your attention.  Enjoy 5 3 shopping, enjoy knowing how sexy these products are going to make you feel.  There are lots of tips for buying lingerie, lots of ideas on how to make the perfect full figure outfit look stunning. And most of all, everything is organized for your shopping pleasure.   


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